Limited Time Offer: Dodocool Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for $16.79, Wireless Earphones for $11.89


Dodocool is offering massive discounts on its wireless noise cancelling headphones and Bluetooth earphones. One's going at a 40% discount while the other one is 59% off.

Grab a Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones from Dodocool for Just $16.79, or a Pair of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for the Gym for $11.89

When it comes to offering a good set of deals, Dodocool doesn't disappoint when the time arrives. For a limited period of time the company is discounting two its high-rated audio wireless products. One is a regular pair of headphones with active noise cancellation which you can either use wirelessly or wired in case the battery runs out. The second is a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are perfect for covering outdoor environments or the gym.

Going for a price of $27.99, now down to just $16.79 with a special discount code, these headphones offer great value for money. The fact that you can use them wirelessly and wired both is an immense bonus. Also, these headphones offer active noise cancellation so you can enjoy your tunes without being disturbed by the outside world. Things are topped off with comfortable earmuffs and a long lasting battery of 10 hours.

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The Bluetooth earphones on discount are as regular as they get but they have managed to gather up a 4-star rating on Amazon which is a good thing. They feature built-in controls for adjusting the volume and a mic for taking phone calls. Also they feature 8 hours of battery life which is way more than what you'll ever need from earbuds of these nature.

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