Dodocool Offers Massive Discounts on USB-C 6-in-1 Hub, 60W Desktop Charger with USB PD

Uzair Ghani

Out on a hunt for a 6-in-1 USB-C hub or a USB Power Delivery desktop charger? Dodocool has you covered for the day.

Dodocool Offers Discounts on Two Great Products - a 6-in-1 USB-C Hud and a 60W Desktop Charger with USB PD

With the world slowly migrating towards USB-C territory, it's best to invest smartly in products that make the transition into the future easier. This includes USB-C hubs, battery packs, chargers and whatnot. Lucky for us, Dodocool knows this and is offering generous discounts on two of its products so that everyone can hop onboard the bandwagon. Let's check them out.

Dodocool USB C Hub 6-in-1 with Type-C Power Delivery - Regular price $34.99, Now just $15.99


If you bought one of those fancy MacBooks with USB-C only ports, then this hub is your gateway into the future. First and foremost, it features pass-through charging which means that you can leave it plugged in at all times. Also, if features four regular USB ports and a 4K HDMI port as well. Sounds like something you can get behind, right?

Use the code 8JYXDOYD at checkout to grab the discount.

Dodocool 6-Port Desktop Charger with USB Power Delivery - Regular price $24.99, Now just $14.99


This desktop charger features five regular USB-A ports for charging your everyday devices. The sixth port features USB Power Delivery which means that it can juice up all your modern devices up in a snap. This even includes the newer iPhones and a MacBook too. With 60W of power in total, this charger deserves a place in your day to day life.

Use the code XMQWC4MR at checkout to grab the discount.

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