The Division File Size On Xbox One Revealed Through Xbox Store


The Division file size for the Xbox One has been revealed via a listing on the official Xbox One store.

While the beta on the Xbox One weighed in at 25.82GB, the full game will require 32.29GB of free hard drive space on your console.

The Division takes place in New York 3 weeks after a lethal virus, released on Black Friday, swept through the city. One by one, basic services have failed. Society has collapsed into chaos. The President invokes Presidential Directive 51, and The Division, a top-secret unit of self-supporting tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, Division agents are trained to operate independently of command in this type of emergency situation. When the lights go out, their mission begins.

As we reported earlier, the beta contained 22% of the game's full map. The Dark Zone in the game equals 18% of the game's full map size.

Last week, the post launch plans and season pass were detailed by Ubisoft. As an online open world RPG, the game is designed to provide a max-level experience and keep players entertained after the main story arc is completed.

The development team has a complete post-launch plan to keep the experience fresh for all players, including several free updates, new features and functionality, as well as 3 major expansions to provide a renewed gameplay experience after launch.

The free updates to be released for all players will add new game modes such as challenging group-oriented operations to test players’ abilities in co-op mode and win unique rewards.

The three paid expansions are included in the Season Pass and will be released over the course of the year. Each expansion builds on The Division, continuing your agent’s journey and progress with new content, gear and gameplay as you fight to take back New York.

The Division launches on March 8 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.