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Divinity Original Sin 2 Into The Abyss Mod Will Introduce New World And Real-Time Strategy Mode


Divinity Original Sin 2, the latest entry in the series developed by Larian Studios, is a game that grants players plenty of freedom, allowing them to have a slightly different experience every playthrough. If you have explored all of the game's possibilities and still haven't had enough, you may want to keep an eye on an upcoming promising mod.

The Divinity Original Sin 2 Into the Abyss mod promises to introduce a new campaign set in a whole new land as well as new gameplay mechanics. The most interesting addition will be a Real Time Strategy mode, where players will lead their faction against others.

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Divinity: Into The Abyss s a new campaign for Divinity: Original Sin 2, it will take the player to a whole new land, add some new systems to the game, improved and customized AI and above all a new R.T.S.(Real Time Strategy) mode where the player gets to create a faction and lead it across the new and some old maps.

The new world and the events bound to happen there interact and are based upon the events of D:OS2 and the player choices, as the campaign unfolds you will get to decide the fate of Rivellon as Damian, the dark one returns and lays war upon the realm.

Concurrently a new terror seems to approach from the great beyond, a terror so colossal, even The God King and the Divine tremble with its approach, will this be the age of dead gods, will new gods arise? Find out for yourself ...

Additional information on the mod can be found here.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is now available on PC. You can learn more about one of the best RPGs released last year by reading our review.