Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gets Tons of Fixes via New 1.1GB Update

Larian Studios pushed out a new major Divinity: Original Sin 2 update (1.1GB in size) earlier this afternoon. Just like the previous one, it fixes a ton of small issues with the game. You can find the highlights as posted by Larian below as well as the entire changelog here.

We’ve updated the story to include Tarquin’s questline update for existing savegames, and we’ve added many journal updates for the more creative solutions some of you have found. It never ceases to amaze us what some of you can accomplish with system mechanics and a dash of creativity.

Next to a long list of bug fixes, several issues that you reported via our support channels and feedback tool have been fixed.
We’ve also included updates to gameplay, balancing, modding, GM mode, and the Editor (your handy dandy modding tool).
Some of the highlights for this patch include:

  • A “Pick up and send to wares” and “Steal and add to wares” option in the context menu of world items.
  • Several journal entries have been made clearer to the player when the quest is automatically ended for whatever reason.
  • Added several items and related journal updates to improve links between certain NPCs and story lines.
  • A bunch of new effects to ensure certain important dialog options stand out more.
  • You can now examine an enemy, even when it’s not your turn!
  • Multi-region levels now supported in the GM mode.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 had an excellent start as confirmed just yesterday by SuperData, selling 660K units in its launch month. It's all well deserved as pointed out by our review, where Francesco called it one of the best cRPGs ever made.

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It's hard to find a game with little to no flaws, but Larian Studios proved that, sometimes, it happens. With excellent story and characters, smart writing and masterfully crafted gameplay enhanced by the multiplayer modes, Divinity: Original Sin 2 truly deserves a place among the best cRPGs ever released.

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