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Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle

Programming is no doubt the foundation of the world of tech. Without it, we would still be living in a very primitive world. You can become part of this world and build your career around it. If you have a passion for programming, then we just the deal for you. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle.

Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle features

The bundle includes 14 extremely comprehensive courses that will help you progress in your career. Here are highlights of what each course has to offer:

  • Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Development Framework
    Discover the Ease of Building Websites with Bootstrap
  • Complete SQL Database Training Course
    Start Learning One of Today's Most Important Data Management Skills
  • Learn JavaScript In 1 Hour
    No Coding Experience? No Problem. Build Rich, Layered Websites with JavaScript.
  • Learn jQuery In 1 Hour
    Utilize jQuery to Optimize Your JavaScript Code
  • Learn Python In 1 Hour
    Start Coding with One of the Best First Languages to Learn
  • The Complete Java And Android Studio Course For Beginners
    Learn How to Code in Java & Master Android Studio
  • Fast Track Python For Newbies
    Gain the Confidence to Speak & Do Python
  • Learn JavaScript AJAX In 1 Hour
    Create a Better Use Experience Within Your Web Content
  • Learn jQuery AJAX In 1 Hour
    Get Started Creating Seamlessly Dynamic Content for the Web
  • Learn Python Django: A Hands On Course
    Build a Responsive Website From Scratch Using Python Django
  • Dynamic JavaScript Masterclass
    Create Dynamic Apps That Can Synchronize Data Between Database & The Front End
  • The Complete Bootstrap For Rapid Web Development Course
    Ready to Launch a Career As a Web Developer?
  • Introduction To React And Redux: Code Web Apps In JavaScript
    Build User Interfaces Like a Pro
  • C Programming For Beginners
    Launch Your Programming Mission with This Introduction to C

Original Price Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle: $2,786
Wccftech Discount Price Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle: $49

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