Discount on Anker’s Latest Double-Braided Lightning Cables, Bluetooth Headphones and More


Anker's first deals of the week are now live and we have some great discounts on a lot of different products including the brand new Double-Braided Lightning cables.

Nebula Capsule Remains Discounted, Bluetooth Headphones up on Discount, Other Products Also Available for Less

Before you move any further, you'll be pleased to learn that the Nebula Capsule remains discounted from $399.99 to $309.99. But that's not all, if you enter the code CCNEBULA at checkout, you get a free case too. That's a pretty neat deal.

Moving on, Anker SoundBuds Surge are down to just $17.09 from $23.99 with the JWTDC4PU. These are wireless headphones and are ready to take a splash or two as well, which makes them ideal for the gym or if you're out on a run.

Looking for a simple charger? Anker's PowerPort 4 is available at a discount. Usually it goes for around $25.99, but now it's down to just $18.99 if you use the code ANKER242 at checkout.

If you need a simple multi-angle stand for your tablet or phone then Anker's option is one of the best out there. But the deal gets better when you realize that the price is down to just $7.99 from $9.99 for the silver model whereas the black model is discounted to $8.59 from $10.99. Just don't forget to use the codes ANKERSTS and ANKERSTB, respectively, at checkout.

Anker just launched a brand new series of cables called 'Double-Braided.' They're supposed to be tough and offer everything at a lesser price point compared to the PowerLine+. Right now, you can get a 6-feet Double-Braided Nylon Lightning cable in red for $9.74, down from $12.99. The same cable is available in silver and black as well. Looking for the cable in 3-feet? Well, you're in luck as it is available with a price of just $8.24, down from $10.99 in red. Just like the 6-feet model, this one's available in silver and black too. Don't forget to use the discount code AKLTNNEW at checkout.

Last but not the least, the Eufy MiracleBlend Blender D1 is down from $129.99 to $110.49 using the discount code BLENDER2 at checkout.