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Microsoft modified the way updates download on users' computers making them mandatory automatic updates instead of leaving these to the choice of users. While the earlier Windows versions depended on users to download updates, now you can't opt-out of automatic Windows 10 updates - at least officially. Microsoft has designed this strategy to ensure that all the Windows 10 powered machines are up to date with latest security patches and bug fixes. As company has already rolled out its first post-launch cumulative update for Windows 10, here are a few tricks to help you disable these automatic updates.

How to turn off automatic Windows 10 updates:

Following are a few Windows 10 tricks to help you disable automatic Windows 10 updates on your computer.

The official way...

  1. Download Show or hide updates tool from Microsoft.
  2. Run the tool on your computer.
  3. It will now automatically search for all the available updates and let them be hidden preventing Windows 10 from downloading updates for that package in the future.
  4. If you need to download the same package in the future, run the tool and unhide them.

This official Microsoft tool will help you in taking care of any driver conflicts that some of the updates cause. Preventing Windows Update from downloading any specific updates will help you sort that issue out.

Another workaround...

You can also use metered connections to disable automatic Windows 10 updates as well. Windows 10 sets some connection types, including cellular services, as metered. These connections have data limitations and download restrictions helping Windows 10 identify these networks and prevent from downloading automatic updates that could affect a user's data usage immensely. You too can set your connection as metered to disable automatic Windows 10 updates.

  • Launch Windows 10 Settings with Windows key + I.
  • Click on Network & Internet > scroll down to Advanced Options.
  • Spot the Set as metered connection switch? Toggle it On.

This is the easiest way to disable Windows 10 updates from automatically downloading on your computer. However, there's a catch. Windows will remember the connection which was set as metered. Which means it would start automatically downloading updates once you are on a different, non-metered connection. This trick would work for users who don't hop on to different connections.

Regardless of which method you are going to use to turn off automatic updates, we do not recommend our readers to opt out of these Windows 10 updates due to security vulnerabilities that outdated operating systems could expose you to. However, if you want to turn off some updates due to any specific reasons or driver conflicts, we hope these Windows 10 tricks helped you in disabling the automatic updates.

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