Disable Auto Renewal Of In-App Subscriptions On iPhone, iPad – How To


Here's how you can manage or cancel service in-app subscriptions on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in a few easy steps.

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As we keep on using our iPhones, iPads or iPod touches, we will eventually stumble upon some golden content that is bound to keep us busy in one way or the other. Such as a subscription to a music service, or maybe some Netflix or Hulu to pass the time. But there will come a point during usage where you might change your mind and would want to cancel the subscription of a particular service, provided that you signed up for it using your on-file iTunes credit card, or maybe just your App Store credit.

For a lot of people, it's a tough task to follow, because managing subscriptions or just cancelling them can be a huge pain in the rear on iOS, given the fact that the option for it is hidden in a place where it's least accessible for a lot of people. But fret not, we'll help you in today's guide and show you how you can manage your in-app subscriptions as well as cancel them if the need arises.

Manage Or Cancel Auto Renewal Of In-App Subscriptions On iOS 

Pick up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and do let's this!

1. Launch the App Store app from your home screen.

2. Scroll all the way down and tap on your Apple ID.

3. Tap on 'View Apple ID' when prompted for it. You'll be required to sign in with your password so be sure to enter the credentials when asked for it.

Photo Feb 18, 6 09 16 PM

4. You'll see a button labelled 'Manage' under the 'Subscriptions' section. Tap on it to open.

Photo Feb 18, 6 10 23 PM

5. Over here you'll be presented wth the subscriptions that are ongoing, have expired in the past, or are active. Tap on any one which you want to manage.

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6. See that 'Automatic Renewal' button at the bottom? Tap on it to disable the auto renewal of that particular subscription. Or if you so wish, you can alter your subscription plan from here. Make your choices and tap on 'Done' to make things permanent.

Photo Feb 18, 6 12 13 PM

If you have an Apple Music, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix etc. subscription and want to manage it, or just want to cancel it for good, now you know how to go about business. And you have to admit that the process is actually quite easy once you get to know about it. But we really wished Apple made things more obvious in the first place, rather than leaving it all on the user to discover.

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