Diablo Immortal Reaches $1m Total Daily Revenue Despite Criticism

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal’s discussion as of late has been far less about the game’s merits and more about its highly aggressive and expensive microtransactions; something lots of outlets have covered. There’s even a simulator online that allows you to simulate how many $25 pulls it’ll take to get a single 5/5 star gem for your character, which, for some, can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Despite all of this, and being the worst-rated PC game in Metacritic history, the game is still pulling numbers, at least, according to VGC. On a daily basis, the game still apparently makes at least $1 million USD, despite its faults with pricing and microtransactions. The game’s also been downloaded over five million times on Google Play, according to the website AppMagic.

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Something worth noting is that the previously-stated $1 million daily revenue is an over 50% decline in daily value. For context, the title was raking in about $2.4 million daily during its launch week. And all this money coming in is still despite the controversy surrounding the pricing, like, in this Reddit thread, which details a stat that costs around $40,000 in order to maximize it.

There have been tweets in the past by director Wyatt Cheng that call the situation surrounding the microtransactions “misinformation”, and you can view one such tweet below.

There still hasn’t been any motion to reduce prices or the circumstances behind the endgame, which Blizzard is just letting sit there. Frankly, a very serious change should occur, and soon, because who knows what’ll happen to the game’s longevity when the paying players stop paying? They’ll probably leave in droves, which would only hurt the game’s reputation even further, but whether that'll happen at that kind of scale is just purely speculation.

We’ll continue to update as the story develops. Diablo Immortal is free to download on iOS devices, Android devices, and PC via Battle.net.

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