Developers Already Optimizing For Xbox Scorpio’s 6TFLOPS Says Phil Spencer


According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, developers are already optimizing their Windows PC builds for the 6TFLOPS of GPU power in the Xbox Scorpio.

Following the PS4 Pro announcement, Spencer was asked whether any new Xbox Scorpio details would be made publuc before the release of Sony’s enhanced PS4. In addition, Spencer was asked whether games released for the Xbox Scorpio wouldn’t be merely HD ports of PS4 Pro titles due to being more cost effective for developers.

Judging from Spencer’s answers, this doesn’t seem to be the case, and as it turns out, developers are already targeting the Scorpio’s higher specs with their PC builds. According to Spencer, the development teams are already making use of art assets and engine to use the power.

Bringing PC Builds tuned for the 6TFLOPS of GPU power within the Xbox Scorpio

Spencer would expect that, for shipped games that will be later released on the Xbox Scorpio, development teams would bring their PC builds tuned for 6TFLOPS GPU’s on PC.

The Xbox head points out that it will be up to the publishers  to decide how the extra power in the Scorpio will be used for their titles. Microsoft will ensure that the Scorpio platform will support these plans. Spencer’s answer is in line with what Microsoft’s Albert Penello recently stated about the choices that developers will have when developing for the Xbox Scorpio:

“I think people get confused and say our messaging is weird. Not every developer is going to use it that way. Not every developer is going to decide to take that 6TFLOPs and do 4K/60fps with it. They might decide for their game, their engine that they want to do something different and that’s fine".

Yesterday we reported on how Penello stated that the power difference between the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro will be obvious to customers, and it will be interesting to see the different in graphic quality and fidelity once both consoles are out.

The PS4 Pro is scheduled for a release this November, while the Xbox Scorpio won’t be released before next year. Sony’s head start is obvious here, so we can only hope that Microsoft delivers on their promise by delivering the “most powerful console ever”.