Details Regarding Nvidia Geforce GTX 790 Finally Surface – 4992 Cuda Cores and 10 GB of Memory

We are pleased to break the first details that have leaked regarding the Geforce GTX 790. We finally have a bit of concrete insight to Nvidia's response to the AMD Vesuvius. However do still take this with a grain of salt because of its nature as a leak and not as an official confirmation.

GTX 790 BannerOur Concept of the GTX 790.

Nvidia ''GTX 790'' Will have 10 GB GDDR5 of Memory, 640Bit Bandwidth and 4992 Cuda Cores - Stated to Release sometime February.

It appears that the ''GTX 790'' will not be a Dual 780 Ti, a Dual Titan or even a Dual GTX 780. It is rather something inbetween these three. A 780 has 2304 Cuda Cores, a Ti 2880 and a Titan 2688. The Nvidia Geforce GTX 790 will have:

  • Cuda Cores: 2496 (x2)
  • Memory: 5Gb GDDR5 (x2)
  • Mem Bus: 320 Bit (x2)
  • Core: GK110 (x2)

The interesting thing is that Maxwell is geared for release anytime now (maybe by tomorrow) and if this leak is true then it could mean that the Maxwell Flagship isn't here as of yet. Otherwise it would make less sense to release the ''GTX 790''.  Then again both Green and Red have made seemingly illogical moves in the past.

The other obvious reason, and the one i think is much more likely, could be its response to the Dual GPU Vesuvius that AMD is preparing. A Dual vs Dual, Green Vs Red showdown. However We can see that even with their much better Reference Coolers Nvidia has curtailed its Cuda Cores while on the other hand Vesuvius would be full blown Hawaii XT Cores on their bad reference coolers. Possibly Vesuvius will not come in a reference design at all, but that is mere speculation on my part.

Finally, our source also says that you can expect the Geforce GTX 790 anytime in February. Also there is word in the air that Nvidia is deciding against a GTX 780 Ti 6GB.

Via VideoCardZ and SemiAccurate.

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