Delta Beta Emulator for iOS Now Available – How to Sign Up


Delta Beta emulator with support for SNES, N64 and Game Boy has been announced. Here's how you can sign up right away.

Delta Beta is Now Available - If You Are Willing to Test Out The Upcoming Emulator, Fill Out The Form

GBA4iOS developer announced a while back that he would replacing his famed emulator with something new. The new emulator, called Delta, is capable of running a handful of games from different platforms. In case you are wondering, games from SNES, N64 and Game Boy can be played with utmost ease. But with the announcement, the developer promised he would release the first ever Delta Beta for the public to try out in December. And guess what? It's December, and the beta is all set to be taken for a spin.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Since the beta is public, therefore anyone can sign up and the procedure is pretty darn easy. Just head over to this link and fill out the form with your details, including your name, Apple ID, what type of device you have, your Twitter handle along with the reason why you want to beta test Delta. Once you are done with it all, hit the Next button. Every field with a red asterisk is required so make sure you do not miss out on anything.

In case you are wondering why your Apple ID required: it's because the developer will push the update to you via Apple's TestFlight (download link). Secondly, the emulator requires you to be running iOS 10 on your device, otherwise you are out of luck testing it out.

Once the application forms are sent in, the last date of which happens to be December 16th 11:59pm, the first testers will be announced on December 19th, Monday. Keep in mind, there is a chance you might not end up testing out Delta Beta, therefore don't be alarmed at all.

Wrap Up

The world of emulating games is rather strange and risky. While it sounds fun and all, but emulators just can't be on a platform for legal and copyright reasons. But I, personally, believe Delta will have a solid place in the tech space due to its capabilities. in fact, the developer will share more information regarding it in the days to come. Hence we will be back with more news regarding Delta as it arrives, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, make sure you sign up to the Delta Beta and try your luck in testing it out.