How to Delete a Screen Saver in macOS Sierra


Here's how you can delete a screen saver in macOS Sierra (or any version of OS X) in a few easy to understand steps.

Deleting Third-Party Screen Savers from macOS is Easier Than You Think - Here's How it Goes

Apart from accumulating garbage files over a course of time in our computers, we end up with other bits of software as well which we don't tend to worry much about - such as screen savers. I'm certain many of you out there don't necessarily care about screen savers, but getting rid of the unnecessary ones might be a wise thing to do as it can result in some free space. In today's tutorial, we will teach our readers how to delete third-party screen savers from macOS Sierra or any other version of OS X for that matter.

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1. Launch System Preferences from the menu bar by clicking on the Apple logo button.

2. Now click on Desktop & Screen Saver in the first row of available options.

3. Click on the Screen Saver tab at the top.

4. Find the screen saver in the left hand pane which you want to delete.

5. Once found, now right-click on it; that would be a two finger press if you are using a trackpad, then click on Delete.

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6. Click on Move to Trash for confirmation.

Follow the above steps for all the screen savers you wish to delete. But keep one thing in mind though: you cannot delete the system screen savers from here. Only those which you installed from third-party sources.

Having deleted a handful of screen savers myself, I ended up freeing quite a bit of space on my Mac. But that free space quickly gains its value if you have something with a small SSD to begin with. Such as a MacBook Air, or maybe one of those 12-inch Retina MacBook notebooks.

It's a good practice to clean up garbage files from time to time as it keeps things running as smoothly as possible. More importantly, a clean system might actually force your Mac to stay speedy for a longer period of time before you eventually take the clean install route.

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