DEAL: Apple iPhone X Available for $989 After Tax [Limited Time Offer]

Uzair Ghani
iPhone X

The iPhone X is available for a price of $989. What's the deal here? You don't have to pay tax on top of that price at all!

For a Limited Time Only You can Get the 64GB iPhone X for $989 and No Tax

Though many people have decided at this point whether or not they want the iPhone X, but some are still about to make a purchase decision. If you're one of the few still pondering on the purchase decision and are refraining to buy the smartphone due to its price then today's deal might enlighten you a little. See, for a limited time only, you can get the 64GB iPhone X for a price of just $989, and there's no tax added on top of that at all. This means that you are well within the $999 price boundary and can use the saved money on something else such as accessories or cases.

The iPhone X is a powerful smartphone which is loaded with a bunch of great features. It has an edge-to-edge Retina display that's OLED. A solid set of dual-cameras are available at the back which are both optically stabilized and can shoot portrait photos while blurring the background. That's not all though, the front facing camera can take portrait shots too which means that your selfies will truly stand out from the crowd. Things are topped off with Face ID, wireless charging support as well as a speedy processor under the hood.

Head over to the link below to avail this limited time deal.

Buy Apple iPhone X for $989 [eBay link]

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