Deal Alert: Get a LIFX Mini White (A19) Smart Bulb for Just $10 – Supports HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant


You can grab yourself a LIFX Mini White smart bulb at a throwaway price of just $10. The bulb does not require a hub and you can integrate it into your smart-home setup in a jiffy.

LIFX Mini White Dimmable Smart Bulb with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant for Just $10 - Limited Time Offer Only

If you're just getting started with your newfound hobby of turning your home into a 'smart' one, then the logical place to start is by investing in some smart bulbs. At the time of writing, there are a ton of options available and each one offers a unique take on lighting. Some offer extensive support for different ecosystems, while some are completely vanilla in some respects.

Philips Hue, sits at the top of the food chain but there's one big problem with it: it needs a hub to work, which means you're going to end up spending north of $50 if you just wanna get one bulb working at home and expand on that further. If you turn your stern towards LIFX, then you can just drop $10 and grab yourself a smart bulb that you can control using WiFi and does not require a hub to work at all. The bulb will connect directly with your home router and you can then integrate it with HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Yes, all of that, for just 10 bucks! Also, you can control these bulbs using the dedicated LIFX app. But remember one thing: this is not an RGB bulb, so you're limited to the warm white color only.

But wait, here comes the fun part: you can dim these bulbs to your liking and will fit into just any regular light holder without any problem. If you're interested in picking one up right now, then click the link below. Don't forget to enter the discount code otherwise you'll end up paying full price for this bulb.

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