DEAL ALERT: Get a High-Capacity 16750mAh RAVPower Power Bank for Just $21.99 [Original Price $33.99]


RAVPower is offering an exclusive discount on their 16750mAh power bank, bringing the price down to just $21.99 from $33.99.

Never Run Out of Power on the Go with a RAVPower Power Bank in Your Backpack

If you're living the truly mobile and wireless lifestyle then you know how important a power bank is. At this point, it has become a commodity rather than a mere accessory. And if you're looking for something that will last a while, then brands like RAVPower is your best bet.

Today, the company reached out to us and offered an exclusive discount code for one of their power banks, bringing its price down to just $21.99 from $33.99. The great thing about this particular model is that it packs in 16750mAh of juice that is more than enough to charge your smartphone, tablet or even your drone (something like the DJI Spark) several times before completely giving up.

Since this is a massive battery therefore it will take some time to fully juice up. You can expect it to hit the road at its full potential after a 9 hour charge if you're using a 2A charger. Also, it has two USB-A ports which can pump out up to 2.4A of power per port. Thanks to iSmart 2.0 tech, it will detect the type of device you have and supply the fastest charge safely without hurting your device in any way. Speaking of which, it has all the safeties in place to ensure everything stays cool and charged up whenever you need it. Hit the link below to grab this deal before it's too late.

Buy RAVPower 16750mAh Power Bank for $21.99 [Amazon link] | Use code 74ZDCKKE at checkout for discount