Days Gone Dev: Our Game Is Unlike Any Other; It Has Extreme Weather & The Bike Plays A Huge, Huge Role

Days Gone PS4

After lots of rumors, Sony Bend's PlayStation 4 game was revealed to be Days Gone, an open world action/adventure set in post-apocalyptic USA.

More specifically, players will impersonate Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter who prefers to explore the wilderness of the high desert in the Pacific Northwest rather than staying inside the few safe encampments. On the surface it might seem like yet another zombie game, though the creatures (called Freakers) are actually alive and don't necessarily need to be shot in the head to be stopped.

However,  Sony Bend is pretty adamant that Days Gone will prove to be unique. Speaking to Venturebeat, Ron Allen mentioned exactly why:

We feel that our game is completely unique to us. Just running around our world is unique. It’s not like any other game out there, just cruising around and having fun out in the world. Starting from there, in the Pacific Northwest and in the high desert, we have some pretty extreme weather. We have dynamic weather in the game. One day, it could be 100 degrees, and the next day, it could be snowing. All of that affects the world and affects the gameplay. That alone is unique.

I can talk a bit about something you might have seen, where the little guy jumped on him. You saw the bounty that was chasing him. That might give you an idea that there’s more than just what you’ve seen. There’s a lot more that we’re going to start unveiling down the line.

Resource management will be very important in Days Gone and that includes Deacon's bike, too.

There’s definitely resource management. Yes, he does have an absurd amount of ammo here, but we made this a little easy, so we wouldn’t die all over the place in the demo. We’ll be tuning the difficulty settings in all kinds of ways. But resource management is a huge element of the game.

There is fuel management. The bike can also take damage. The bike plays a huge, huge role in the game. I can’t go into too much detail, but you can look forward to learning more about that.

Days Gone, developed with Epic's Unreal Engine 4, is still a fairly long way from release. In the meantime, you can check out both the trailer and gameplay demonstration videos below.

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