Dark Souls 3 Latest Update Gets In-Depth Analysis Of Longsword, Twinswords And Pyromancy Changes

This week, Dark Souls 3, the new entry of the series developed by From Software now available on PC and consoles in all regions, has received a brand new update. Update 1.4 introduced some changes for NPC questlines, making them easier to follow, as well as several balance changes that haven't been detailed in full outside some generic statements. Following the update's release, one dedicated Dark Souls 3 has been analyzing all the changes reported in the patch notes, discovering precisely what has been changed for some weapon types in the latest update.

Dark Souls 3

The full in-depth analysis of the Dark Souls 3 1.4 update and the 1.6 regulations has been shared on reddit by Zer0Hour17. You can check it out the changes right below.

Patch 1.06

tested on same characters. No change to stats or equipment

Refined Longsword +10 no change

Dark Sword +10

No change in AR

One Handed Stamina:

now 8 R1 swings at 171 stamina

still 5 R2 swings at 171 stamina

Two Handed stamina

still 7 R1 swings at 171 stamina

still 4 R2 swings at 171 stamina

Still 7 1h R1 swings after weapon art

Still 4 1h R1 swings after L2+R2

Still 6 2h R1 swings after weapon art

Still 4 2h R2 swings after L2+R2

Gotthard Twinswords

No change in AR

now 6 L1 swings at 171 stamina

now 4 L1 swings after L2+R2 at 171 stamina

Hollow Warden Twinblades +10

no change in AR or Bleed

now only 7 L1 swings at 171 stamina

now only 5 L1 swings after L2+R2

Chaos Bed Vestiges: No change

Chaos Firestorm: no change

Great Chaos Fire Orb: No change

Black Fire Orb: no change

So looks like a very slight nerf to Dark Sword R1 stamina use and a huge hit to both twinsword's L1 stamina usage.

Dark Souls 3 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game's two DLC expansions will be released later this year and during 2017 respectively.

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