Dark Souls 3 Gets Texture Dump And Replace Injector, Opens Up Texture Mods Possibilities


Dark Souls 3 has been released a few months ago in all regions on PC and consoles, and all die-hard fans of the series have discovered pretty much all secrets of the latest action role playing game developed by From Software. PC players, as always, have the edge in this case, as mods can expand the experience in a lot of different ways. Given its online features, however, there haven't been many major Dark Souls 3 mods, but it seems like things are going to change soon thanks to a new release.

A Dark Souls 3 application that allows users to dump and replace textures has been made available recently. This new injector opens up texture mods possibilities. According to the developer, almost all textures can be replaced, so we should be seeing some very cool texture mods in the future thanks to this new injector.

iGP11 is an application that allows to dump and replace textures used by the game.
It uses method known as dll injection to modify game behavior (like GeDoSaTo or any other available injectors).
Should work in both fullscreen and windowed mode, even with SweetFX/Reshade mods.

General information
Should have little to none performace impact.
Allows to dump, inject and convert textures to different formats.
Almost all textures can be replaced. Proven in 3 screenshots made in Index Gundyr bonfire. Previously dumped textures were replaced with only 1 black/red texture (possibly blood texture). Notice that all textures were replaced, even the ones responsible for bump mapping effect 🙂
I have also added some example textures to tex_override folder, just to show, that it is actually working. However, I am not a graphic designer, so the quality of those textures is highly debatable. I just hope, that there will be people with real skill/talent that would like to replace some blurry textures used in Dark Souls 3

Is that all this mod will be capable of?
I hope not. I have plans to modify DirectX rendering pipeline to compile/inject custom shaders/effects 🙂

You can learn more about this new Dark Souls 3 application and download it by going here.

Dark Souls 3 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.