D4 Xbox One Gameplay Reveal Trailer


D4 is an episodic murder mystery, which is going to be an Xbox exclusive and will have some amazing Kinect integration into it.

Coming to you from the creators of the mysterious game, Deadly Premonition comes an episodic adventure that will definitely make you want to use your Kinect more actively than ever before.


The developers of Dead Premonition return to surprise you once more!

The story follows a detective who wishes to undo his wife's murder by traveling back in time, the trailer show cases Kinect gestures but there might be more that will be revealed in the future. For now, I am surprised that the creators of Deadly Premonition are working on this, since the latter title was a truly "unique" experience and I am still at a cross roads if I should recommend other gamers to play the game or not.


Hopefully this game will definitely make more sense that DP did.