Cydia Impactor Update Adds Support For iOS 11 And More

Aug 16, 2017

Cydia Impactor is a GUI-based platform designed that allows users to sideload unsigned iOS apps on their devices. For instance, you can use to sideload Instagram++ or WhatsApp++ on your iPhone. However, up until now, the platform had several issues with iOS 11. Now, Suarik has released a new update which will eliminate those issues for a more smoother and streamlined experience. The new Cydia Impactor update brings iOS 11 support to the table, which indeed is a welcome change. So let's dive in to see what more does the update has to offer.

Cydia Impactor Tool Updated With iOS 11 Support And More

Jay Freeman's Cydia Impactor is a pretty sweet tool and not only is it a good option for jailbreakers but standard iOS users as well. While still being work-in-progress, the update does carry significant features which previously needed work. The new Cydia Impactor update brings up the version to 0.9.42 and can be downloaded on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Now as per what's part of Cydia Impactor, the changelog shows that the update brings support for USB connection to iOS 11 beta. This is why the Cydia Impactor was not detecting your device running iOS 11. Now, you can use the latest version of the tool to sideload IPA files after signing them Apart from this, another addition that might be helpful for you is fixing issues for signing watchOS apps.

Even though the update took a long time to come, it is definitely good to see that Surik is still actively working on providing assistance to users. The developer wants to iron out all the issues in the Cydia Impactor which are preventing some users to sideload unsigned apps. As we have mentioned earlier, not only does jailbreakers make use of the toll, but non-jailbroken devices can also sideload unsigned apps.

There are numerous apps which have been developed but are not available on the App Store. To install these apps, you must make use of the Cydia Impactor tool to sign these apps and install them on your device. If you're using an older version of the tool, be sure to Check for Updates in order to download the latest version.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Saurik actively working on the Cydia Impactor tool to minimize any prevailing issues? Have you ever used the tool to install or sideload unsigned apps on your iPhone or iPad? Share your views with us in the comments.