Curious What Star Citizen is Like? Play For Free Until the 24th


To celebrate CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium Games is letting everyone get in on the action in Star Citizen for free. Just use the code posted below and enter it here once you enlist and login. Inside the alpha you'll find a number of different modes that you can actually play, and all the vehicles available can be rented and flown using in-game money, even now.

Fancy a Vanduul Swarm in Star Citizen? Try for free until the 24th with code CITCONFLIGHT2K15.

The future of the game looks bright, if a bit far off still, something that can be quite off-putting for a number of fans or potential fans. It's difficult to justify the cost of a game that's undoubtedly in an alpha (though a good one) and is still so far off from release. So to help drive interest and let people explore the potential, a 'Free Flight' code is being offered to absolutely anyone just a little curious. And if you haven't tried it but enjoy a good space-sim or space combat sim, then you might enjoy playing for free. Free is an excellent price.

And of course, if you do decide to buy a package, the least expensive is a scant $45 (use code STAR-4B7K-KBFX when you sign-up of course, for referral bonuses). Despite what you may have heard, and though many ships are certainly purchasable with real money, everything can be found and acquired in the game without spending any extra money.

CitizenCon was a success for Cloud Imperium Games, marking the third anniversary of being fully active in development of Star Citizen. The actors for the single-player campaign, Squadron 42, were revealed, we saw what the immediate future will hold for the Alpha, were given more information about the large persistent universe that'll be featured in update 2.0 and a very impressive star map was released to the public.

And of course, enjoy some Star Marine screenshots below, courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.