Crytek Essentially Confirms They Are Working On A Virtual Reality AAA Game

During GDC earlier this month Crytek had their Back To Dinosaur Island VR-demo on the show floor, which previously had been showcased in its earlier stages as a tech-demo during Gamescom last year. In an interview with VRFocus Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek, reminisced about what he suggests was a 'pivotal' moment in videogame graphics development. Namely the nVidia Geforce 3 chip, which Crytek developed a technical demonstration for, back in 2001 called X-isle - Dinosaur Island.

Crytek was "not showing a tech demo" during GDC

In the Interview with VRFocus, Yerli said that Crytek thought it would be a great fit to take that old tech-demo from 2001, that "ignited the graphics industry in a way" and do the same thing with VR this time.

“We had a tech demo called Dinosaur Island which we thought was going to be the pivotal moment for game graphics to jump forward, because you had programmable shaders the first time, And so, we said ‘let’s bring back the dinosaur tech demo’ that we ignited – with nVidia – the graphics industry in a way, and lets now apply that to VR, and ‘let’s make that message that we are back to dinosaur island’, back where we started, because I think that’s another 10 years of journey for us.”

In regards to Cryteks future plans for Back to Dinosaur Island, Yerli was for obvious reasons excited about its potential. Now that they are about to move on to the next stage of development, there are some obvious fears and worries, but Yerli is confident that more greatness is on the horizon.

“I like the idea of as many people as possible seeing the VR experience that we have created, It remains to be seen what we can support and in what time frames right now – every VR support is taking a lot of time – but that’s one of the reasons why as CryEngine creator we are inclined to make sure it’s as simple as possible to go on multi-platform. So we’ve got tech and production work to be done, but time will tell on where we’re going to show it next.”

Yerli could not say too much specifically about Back to Dinosaur Island's next stage of development, but he did mention that the demo they were showing during GDC was not a tech-demo, meaning that this might be their next new IP.

“We can’t talk at this point about new IPs, but we are not showing a tech demo here… We have serious plans for VR, but the announcement has to wait a little bit.”

So it would appear that the Back to Dinosaur Island VR-demo could in fact turn into a full-fledged title, and that could be pretty awesome.

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