Crysis 3 Screenshots in up to 8K Resolution Show Beautiful In-Game Landscapes and Smooth Grass

Crysis 3 is one of the visually most impressive video games that were released last year. Despite being a previous-gen game, Crysis 3 easily beats many latest next-gen games in terms of graphics and visual quality. The game won many special video games awards and if you have the right PC hardware to run this beauty, you will surely know what this game is capable of.

Crysis 3 Screenshots in up to 8K Resolution Show Stunning In-Game Visuals and Environments

Crytek's open world first-person shooter video game is not famous for its Call of Duty type military grade story or setting, in fact, it is the graphics and visual quality of the game that makes it stand out from the crowd of well-known shooter video games. The developer's work and the magic of CryEngine 3 put Crysis 3 among top visually most charming video games ever released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Keeping Crysis 3's console performance aside, the game is a real spinner on PC, and when played on hardcore PC hardware, the results just make you speechless. We have seen a lot of Skyrim mods that make the game ultra HD and add new objects to it, but most PC gamers have achieved 4K resolution with their latest games and modded games like Skyrim. Only few people until now have been able to rock games in 8K resolution on their hardcore PCs.

To show the game's glory in mighty 8K resolution, a Redditor known as K-putt managed to fry his PC and get some Crysis 3 screenshots at up to 8K resolution. In addition to default ultra high visual settings, he made some custom changes of his own to make the game look even more tasty. Playing through the game, K-putt frequently switched resolution, answer to why he did that is that the game ran at around 2 frames per second when he set the resolution to maximum.

K-putt also explained how he achieved this 8K resolution on Crysis 3, below is how he did it, in case you want to try it too.

"I used Maldo's On The Fly tool to get access to some blocked cvar's [engine commands like draw distance] of the game. I also used his ultra preset for those screenshots.

Then i added some custom exec's [command-line settings] for those high resolutions. Which i could then change via keybindings. So i line-up a shot, change to 8K for example, take a screenshot and go back to 1080p.

SweetFX was used as well to adjust some colors/blacklevel etc. And i used a cheat-engine hack to get some sort of a free camera (changing the x,y,z player coordinates)"

Below are some of the Crysis 3 screenshots in 8K resolution shared by K-putt. To view full gallery, visit this Flickr page.

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