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Corsair One Enthusiast Gaming PC Is Now Ready to Pre-Order With Four Different Models and Varied Hardware Specs


DIY gaming builds are great, but it's also great to see different manufacturers produce impressive products and still make them more compact than the regular computer chassis that we are so used to seeing. Corsair One is one of those examples, and the surprising thing about this pre-built gaming PC is that it is the first from the company. We will be talking about its design, but it definitely looks like you can tuck it somewhere and nobody will notice this beast of a machine.

Corsair One Is Like a Taller Version of Apple’s Mac Pro With a GTX 1080 and an AIO Liquid Cooled System

Where most computing chassis take up an ample amount of space, the Corsair One might be slightly tall, but it takes up a very small amount of room. A lot of case designing effort went into making this and so far, we are quite impressed. The highest spec’d version of the pre-built gaming PC comes with a liquid cooled Intel Core i7 processor coupled with liquid cooled NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Air from both the sides of the chassis is taken in and is expelled from the top, where a fan is mounted to exhaust all the hot air.


The company definitely took a great decision to mount AIO liquid cooling solutions because gaming enthusiasts will be able to get more gains from their overclocks while keeping the primary components cool. For gaming at the 4K resolution, the most spec’d out desktop from the Corsair One will be preferred choice for the user, if you are on the lookout for a pre-built gaming system that will last you for some time.

There is a wide selection of ports present at the rear I/O panel including USB Type-C. Sadly, this port does not support the Thunderbolt 3 standard otherwise, that would have been advantageous for the user. Thanks to featuring top-notch hardware, the Corsair One is also VR ready, which was expected and though it will be quite laborious to access the innards due to the compact surface area of the case, that is a little sacrifice to make for a small, very small gaming system.

Corsair Launches the Corsair One Elite

Do you think the Corsair One is worth purchasing for a pre-built gaming computer? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and if you are ready to pre-order the system, you can visit the source link given at the bottom.