Corsair 900D “Godzilla” Full Tower Chassis Leaked

Hassan Mujtaba

A leaked document from manufacturer Corsair has unveiled its latest full tower beast chassis - Corsair 900D Godzilla. In addition to the 900D, a mid-tower casing alongwith a AIO watercooling kit were leaked.

The Corsair 900D as the name suggests would be the successor to 800D casing supporting motherboard formats of ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX all the way upto HP-ATX. The casing features a full chrome black color theme with a large side window and a mesh panel below it which can be equipped with fans to cool down either your radiator incase you use watercooling or pump out hot air from within the chassis.

The Chassis can support two two 480mm or two 360mm radiators simultaneously allowing top of the line watercooling performance for enthusiasts. Front panel includes headphone port, microphone port, four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports. Detailed specs below:

Product model: 900D
Diemensions: I655x694x251mm (25.7x27.32x9.88in)


  • Extra large full tower
  • Motherboard format: ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX, HP-ATX
  • HDD/SSD position: supports 15
  • Simultaneously support for two 480mm, two 360mm water cooling radiators

In addition to the 900D Godzilla, the documents also unveil new watercooling kits by the name of Corsair H80i and H100i and the new mid-tower IMP chassis specifications of which are listed below:

H80i/H100i update


  • Product name: H100i
  • Model: New (TBD)
  • UPC: New (TBD)
  • Package dimensions: Same as H100
  • Retail packaging: New design


  • New water cooling fitting could provide more strengthen thermal performance
  • 240mm water cooling radiator
  • Supports Corsair Link
  • New bracket design allows more convenient support for Intel, AMD CPU
  • Updated, better performance, thicker water cooling fitting design

Unnamed IMP (200R)


  • Product model: 200R
  • Product number: New (TBD)
  • UPC: New (TBD)
  • Diemensions: 470x440x210mm (18.5x17.32x8.27in)


  • Mid tower
  • Three tooless ODD installation slots
  • Four HDD tooless installation slots
  • Four SSD tooless installation slots
  • 7 PCI-E
  • Supports a maximum of 8 fans
  • Front I/O panel

The release date and pricing for these new products have not been mentioned yet.

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