Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID PRO 240 Preview


Cooler Master has revised their MASTERLIQUID PRO 240 and we've got one in to take a look at.  I know the world of All In One water cooling kits haven't changed much over time.  Constant legal battles have resulted in most of today's kits being practically the same save for the fans and logo on the pump top.  Cooler Master has designed this one in-house to be a bit unique.


Featuring their new FlowOP technology for improved thermal dissipation, we'll go more into that in the full review.  They also packed in their new MasterFan Pro 120mm fans that feature a selective maximum rpm switch.  And gone are the days of the old CoolerMaster goop TIM, now they're packing in the new MasterGel Pro TIM.


But for now here's our first look as we take our time with this review since we'll be comparing it to the CORSAIR H100i and the Silverstone TD02-lite to see where it stacks up and is it worth the money.