Cooler Master Introduces MasterLiquid Pro Series


Cooler Master Announces MasterLiquid Pro, their latest entry into the All-In-One liquid cooler market.  Shown off at CES2016 the water cooler from cooler master features an all new pump design that shouldn't cause conflicts with other patent holders by bringing a dual chamber pump/block combo.  Along with this new design comes a brand new fan design from cooler master, the MasterFan Pro 120s (no current specifications).


In regards to the cooling performance of the MasterLiquid Pro Richard Chen, Thermal Product Manager, had this to say


“The MasterLiquid Pro comes with FlowOp Technology. Simply put – we have optimized the flow inside the liquid cooler. FlowOp looks at the flow of heat as it is carried and dissipated by an all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler. Starting with the hot CPU, we reengineered how liquid absorbs and expels that heat,” said Richard Chen, Thermal Product Manager. “Our holistic approach to the flow of heat puts in your hands a comprehensive cooling machine that lasts longer, performs better and requires virtually no maintenance.”

MasterLiquid Pro 120

MasterLiquid Pro 240

In regards to that statement, the waterblock/pump combo appears to be more akin to a custom block design than your typical AIO design.  Cooler Master has been using FEP tubing for a while, and while it’s not my favorite it is effective and flexible without worry of kinking.  Basic Cooler Master Thermal ‘Grease’ that was being sent with most of their coolers is not what you get here, you actually get their new MasterGel Pro.  How close the MasterGel Pro compares to the MasterGel Maker Nano is yet to be seen.  But, does the inclusion of an aluminum radiator bring cooling performance down a notch? We’ll have to wait until later this month (April) when the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 120 and 240, and the 140mm and 280mm variant becoming available in May.


We'll bring you more information as it becomes available, but in the meantime sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think about the new design and features.