Become a Design Wizard with the Comprehensive App and Game Design Bundle – $3,000 Off

Rafia Shaikh
The Comprehensive App & Game Design Bundle

Apps are everywhere. From China to the United States, it's a battle between mobile apps and games. Can't wait to get your share of this delicious pie? You can now start designing your own games with the Comprehensive App and Game Design Bundle from Wccftech Deals. At a whopping 99% discount, the bundle carries an original price tag of $3,108. Now, for just $29, you can start your journey of becoming an app and game designer.

Designed for absolute beginners, this bundle introduces you to several essential concepts, including Unity, Adobe Flash, and HTML5. Get the deal and build multi-platform games in no time at all. Head over to Wccftech Deals for more details.

The Comprehensive App & Game Design Bundle

Today's bundle offers the following in-depth courses. By the end, you'll have the know-how to build awesome games that are ready for deployment to app stores, Facebook, and more.

  1. New App Inventor: Learn to Build Android Apps - No Prior Experience Necessary!
  2. Game Design Course with Unity Software: Build Complete, Multi-Platform Games with The Powerful Unity 3D Software
  3. Adobe Flash Lite 2.1: Creating Mobile Applications: Unleash the Creative Power of Adobe Flash Lite by Mastering the App
  4. Flash Basic Training & Mobile Games Designer Package: Master the Creative & Game Development Applications of Adobe Flash
  5. HTML5 Games With No Coding Required: You Don't Have to Code to Create Seamless, Dynamic Games

Original value: $3,108 | Wccftech Deals: $29 at 99% discount

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