C Family Programming Bundle: Become an Expert in C, C++ and C# for Just $39


With today's featured deal, you can now learn to program C, C++ and C# from the experts at a whopping 97% discount. Originally valued at $1,800, the complete C Family Programming bundle is now available for just $39 from Wccftech Deals. Grab the deal and turn yourself into an expert C programmer.

Become an expert programmer and save over $1,750

The complete C Family Programming bundle includes the following six courses with over 43 hours of comprehensive training.

1- C#: C Sharp Comprehensive Course

Begin Your Exploration of the C Family by Learning C#

C# is one of the leading programming languages for developing Windows business applications, and is especially powerful in building quick and efficient, interoperable desktop applications. It enables developers to build secure and robust applications running on the .NET framework, and provides a range of solutions to programming problems. This comprehensive C# course will offer a valuable introduction to the C family.

2- C# Programming: Intermediate

Continue Working Towards A Programming Career by Diving Deeper Into C#

C# was created to offer ease of use and enhanced memory and resource management over to traditional Java developers. Through this course, you'll learn exactly what all that means as you dive into the intermediate concepts of C#. By course's end, you'll be well on your way to scoring a lucrative C# job.

3- C# Programming: Beyond Intermediate

Get the C# Job of Your Dreams After Completing This Advanced Course

This advanced course will arm you with a complete C# repertoire that will allow you to solve any C# programming problem. If you've ever wanted to work in C#, here's where you certify that you have all the skills you need.

4- C# Programming: Advanced Optimization Techniques

This Quick Course Will Shore Up Your Skills in Some of C#'s Most Complicated Topics

Shore up your C# knowledge with this quick course on asynchronous programming! In 1 quick hour, and with a lifetime to return to reaffirm your skills, you'll have mastered one of the toughest components of C#.

5- C Programming Course

Learn One of the Oldest, Most Commonly Used Programming Languages in the World

C is one of the oldest programming languages and one of the most actively evolving given the amount of open source code available on the web. Due to its tenure as a prominently used language, it's an extremely useful one for expressing common coding ideas in an accessible way. More than just being a powerful language, it's one that can help you work better with a team and collaborate on ideas, making it an extremely useful language for any programmer.

6- Comprehensive C++ Training

Go From C++ Zero to Hero & Get A Career You Really Love

C++ was created to make a program clearer and more easier to understand by taking large data sets and grouping them together with operations. As such, C++ generally is a strong, less easily bugged language since the code is type-check before being executed. C++ is commonly used in the gaming industry, compilers, and many more industries, making it a very in-demand language. This course will take you from C++ beginner to advanced in no time.

Original value: $1,800 | Wccftech Deals: $39 at 97% discount