Colorful iGame GTX 660 Ti ARES X Gets Overclocked to 1.1GHz and Benchmarked

Colorful's forthcoming non-reference iGame GTX 660 Ti ARES X graphics card has been overclocked to 1.1GHz and benchmarked by ChinaDIY. Previously, the site also leaked the first pictures of the same GPU and benchmarks were expected to be shown sooner or later.

Previously the site hadn't mentioned any specific details about the clock frequencies however this time they did with the addition of overclocked performance benchmarks.

The iGame GTX 660 Ti ARES X has a default clock speed of 1006MHz and 1098MHz Boost speed, memory operates at the default 1502MHz (6.0GHz effective) frequency. The site managed to overclock the card to 1.1GHz (1106MHz) core, 1.2GHz (1198MHz) boost and 1702MHz (6.8GHz) memory clock which is quite impressive.

This overclock resulted in a memory bandwidth increase to 163.4GB/s compared to 144.4GB/s on stock cards. Card originally comes with a 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit) memory.  Benchmark results below:

3D Mark Vantage -

  • Performance mode @ 1106/1198/1702MHz - P32335 Marks
  • Extreme mode @ 1106/1198/1702MHz - X17149 Marks

3D Mark 11 - 

  • Performance mode @ 1106/1198/1702MHz - P9141 Marks
  • Extreme mode @ 1106/1198/1702MHz - X2928 Marks

The card launches on 16th August for a retail price of around $349-$369. For benchmarks on other overclocked GTX 660 Ti's, Browse here.

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