Clean iPhone, iPad Cache And Junk Files On iOS 9 Without Jailbreak


Here's how you can clean your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch junk files and cache running iOS 9 the easy way without jailbreak.

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Junk Files And Cache Are A Thing Of The Past On iPhone, iPad Running iOS 9 Thanks To PhoneClean

As we keep on using our iPhones and iPads for an extended period of time, junk and cache files starts accumulating in the background which subsequently eats up storage space, leaving users out in the cold, forcing them to delete apps and other important data to make room for something new. Thankfully though, even if you're running Cupertino's latest mobile operating system on your iPhone or iPad, you can get rid of junk and cache files quickly and easily, that too without jailbreaking using an app called PhoneClean on Windows and Mac.

Once download and installed, simply plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your PC or Mac, then PhoneClean will do all its magic, leaving you with a lot of precious free storage space for you to utilize in any way you like.

PhoneClean is a very interesting little tool that also keeps security and privacy in mind therefore you can rest assured that it won't gobble up private data to free up space. Also, it keeps everything as secure as possible, so there's that for those who keep security on top of everything else.

Removing junk files and cache buildup will also give your iPhone, iPad a significant boost in terms of performance, and given that iOS 9 is already a slow OS on older iPhones therefore we recommend running PhoneClean on your device from time to time, given that you have older hardware at hand.


Lastly, keep in mind that some features of PhoneClean might not work with iOS 9, but all the basic stuff is covered from the get-go, such as iTunes Radio caches, user storage files, invalid iOS data, camera photo caches, photos in the trash and more.

PhoneClean is free to download, but if you're looking to go 'Pro' then you have to shell out some money in that case. A one-year license will set you back $19.99, and if you're looking to go beyond that then a price of $29.99 will grant you a two-year license. There's even a family plan on offer, which will set you back $39.99, granting you unlimited use on an unlimited number of Macs.

Before you shell out money, we recommend giving the free version a shot first, so click on this link to get started. Once you've made up your mind then hit the 'Pro' mark whenever you feel like.