Chrome Lets You Export Your Saved Logins As .Csv to Import Into Password Managers

Anil Ganti

One of the main reasons people stick to one browser as their daily driver is because of the all the passwords saved by it, over the course of use. Considering the sheer number of websites that require a set of credentials to log in, it becomes night impossible to remember them all. And no, the solution to that problem isn't using the same credentials everywhere.

As handy as the feature may be, browsers inbuilt password managers are not the most secure solution around. Very often, people opt for third-party password managers that are much better suited for the job. Migration of your existing data between the two can be a bit tough and cumbersome and that's why Chrome is now offering an export function.

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The option is hidden deep within Chrome://flags

The option is available in Chrome under the flag Passport export. Copy and paste chrome://flags/#password-export in your browser and enable it. When you go to your Manage passwords section in settings, you should see a new menu next to Saved Passwords that gives you the option to export passwords as a .csv file. The only credentials it asked before generating the .csv file is my Windows desktop password, which is a bit worrisome. Ideally, there should be a two-factor authentication system in place that asks you for the password of the Google account linked to Chrome. Hopefully, Google takes note of it and implements the feature shortly.

Most third-party password managers support importing login details as a .csv so this should make data migration a breeze and get you going with your new password manager in no time. Unfortunately, you're out of luck if your password manager doesn't support importing data via a .csv file. In that case, you'll have to add all the data manually or switch to a password manager that supports the feature.

News Source: Android Police

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