Chrome For Android Brings Offline Download Support And More


In September, Google improved Chrome beta for Android to make surfing better. One of the best features was a 'Data Saver' mode that allowed webpages to load faster on older 2G connections. The feature basically compressed images and texts which allowed the it to save 60 percent of data. Now, Google Chrome for Android is adding a neat new feature which will make a lot of users happy.

Offline Downloads Is Now Available In Google Chrome For Android

Chrome for Android has been updated with a new 'download' feature oriented towards offline viewing. The feature is now out of the beta phase and is gradually rolling out to a wider audience. The recent update jumps up Google Chrome for Android to the version v55.0.2883.84 and also carries stability improvements and performance enhancements. This will ensure a smoother surfing experience.

Other than this, the update also adds improvements to contextual search UI and RAM usage optimizations. Google on its blog states that older or low end smartphone with less than 1GB RAM will now consume 35 percent less memory compared to what it use to.

However, the best feature about the update is the shiny new 'downloads' feature. Chrome for Android will now allow you to download webpages, videos and music for offline viewing. However, there are certain restrictions involved. The new feature does not allow you to download videos from video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others.

If you're interested in the new feature, simply open the page that you want to download and tap on the three dots located on the top right hand side of the display. You will see the download icon, pressing it would save the entire page which can be viewed at a later time. Later on you can see the saved pages in the 'Downloads' option.

In the case of videos, you will see the download icon beside the seek bar at the bottom of the video. If there's no button at the said location, the video is probably not downloadable from the page. Once a particular video has been downloaded, you have the option available to share it over Bluetooth, email and also share it on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and more.

Other minor improvements also contribute to the functioning of the offline download feature. If by any chance a video download is interrupted, it will automatically resume from where it left off once the connection is stable again. The update will gradually roll out to users and will eventually reach everyone.

There are other handful of minor features in the update as well so be sure to check them out. As for now, what do you guys think about the offline download feature in Chrome for Android? Share your thoughts in the comments.