Choetech Discounts its Fast Wireless Car Charger, Fast Wireless Charging Stand, More


Looking to pick up a Qi wireless charger for your car? Or maybe a wireless charging stand for your home? Then we have all the right deals here from Choetech.

Get a Fast Qi Wireless Charger For Your Car For $14.99, Qi Wireless Stand For $10.99 and a DSLR Bag for $21.99

Say what you want at this point but we can't have enough wireless chargers around. They come in all shapes and sizes but the important ones are those that live inside our car and come in a stand-like form-factor so we can glance at our smartphone's display without having to pick it up.

Choetech has stepped into the game once again with a trio of discounts - one of them is a Qi wireless fast charger for the car, the second one is a fast wireless charging stand while the third is completely unrelated to the products theme we've developed, a sling bag for carrying your DSLR and its accessories.

Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger


This might look like a normal smartphone holder for your car but it packs in a coil for delivering fast wireless charging speeds to your phone. For a price of $14.99 after the discount code is applied, this is a must-have if you are truly living the wireless life.

Buy Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger [Amazon link] | Use discount code AWJLY69Q at checkout

Choetech Fast Stand Wireless Charger


It's a plain and simple wireless charging stand that keeps your device upright while it's juicing up. It will supply full 10W of power to a compatible device like the Galaxy S8 or S9 or even the new Note 9. Pick this up if you're tired of hovering your face over your wireless charging pad for glancing at notifications. It will cost you just $10.99 after the discount.

Buy Choetech Fast Stand Wireless Charger [Amazon link] | Use discount code ECFUU8PM at checkout

Zecti Sling Camera Bag for DSLR Camera


Last but not the least, you can pick up a sling back for your DSLR and its accessories for a low price of just $21.99. It's a neat way of keeping your camera gear safe and you can fit in other accessories in there too if you like.

Buy Zecti Sling Camera Bag for DSLR Camera [Amazon link] | Use discount code 7ZDNS9DS at checkout

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