Down Or Up? Check Apple Services, Stores, iCloud Status Online – How To


Here's how you can check iMessage, iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Pay, and more up or down status online.

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Checking Status Of Apple Services Is A Breeze Using The Official Online Status Page

Apple offers a bunch of services for its customer base that they utilize on a daily basis. And like any other service that is dependent on 'The Cloud,' all what Apple offers - from the App Store to iMessage - is prone to see some sort of downtime at one point in time. After all, nothing runs on top of magic, and faults can lead to a service being completely inaccessible for users.

But there are times where a service might be inaccessible due to a fault at your ISP's end. If that's the case, then you'll be pleased to learn that you can actually check the overall status of an Apple service online, such as iMessage, App Store, Apple Pay and whatnot, allowing you to identify whether or not a particular Cupertino offering is down.

Simply point your Web browser to this link and you'll be taken straight to Apple's System Status website. Over here you'll see a bunch of indicators showing you the status of that particular service.

If everything is in green, then it means that things are ticking along nicely and there is no issue whatsoever with that service. Yellow and red mean that services are either partially down or completely down, respectively.

In the case of you seeing green indicators throughout with the service still not being accessible then it's highly likely that there's a problem at your end, or your ISP. In that case you might want to go through certain steps to make sure why the problem is happening in the first place.

It's very relieving to note that this System Status page can be accessed by anyone at all, and you don't have to be a paying developer or enrolled in some program to just get a glimpse of it.

There are times when certain Apple services hit a roadblock, with iMessage being one of them. While we are led to believe that Cupertino's IM service is bulletproof to the fullest extent, but hey, it's a service that is bound to take a hit at times, or when Apple decides to give it a quick maintenance for some reason.

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