Here’s How You Can Change The Default iOS Safari Search Engine

Here's how you can change the default search engine in Safari for iPhone or iPad in a few easy steps.


While we use our smartphones most of the time for snapping photos, listening to music, sending texts and making phone calls, many rely on mobile devices for Web browsing as well. And with every smartphone release and improvement of technology along with it, one cannot deny how important browsing the Web has become.

If you're a Web browser user on a mobile device, or more specifically on an iPhone or iPad, then you'll realize that very small pieces add up together to make for a very big experience. And one of those pieces is the search engine we utilize to quickly hit up on a piece of information at a moment's notice.

While not every search engine is created equal, there might come a time where you might want to prefer one search engine over the other for different reasons. And if you happen to have developed a liking for another search engine apart from the default one in Safari, then you'll be pleased to learn that iOS allows you to switch between search engines, allowing you to call information from a different source at any given point.

We'll show you in today's guide how you can change the default search engine in Safari for iOS.

Switch The Default Search Engine On Safari For iOS

1. Launch the Settings app from your iPhone or iPad's home screen.

2. Scroll down and tap on 'Safari.'

3. At the top there's an option labelled 'Search Engine.' Tap on it to open.


4. Here you'll see a list of options which you can switch to if you want. Make your choice and close the Settings app.


The next time you open Safari and start typing in the smart search field at the top, the Web browser will pull information from the search engine of your choice rather than the one which is set by default on iOS out of the box.

On an extremely personal note, I would suggest users stick with Google as the default search engine as it delivers more personalized and relevant results at any given time. You may disagree with me, and that's completely cool, after all, the search engine we utilize on a day to day basis is absolutely our call.

Did you find the above guide useful? Then be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below.

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