Cat Simulator?

Kickstarter can sometimes be a great platform, not always of course. But it has a tremendous amount of potential to produce great products. It’s unfortunate that it also produces flops on a far more regular basis.

Some projects are indeed uninspired, and even more like personal projects more so than complicated developments that could very well be enjoyed by the masses. But it still remains the platform of choice for both indie and other types of games that attempt to gain some ground. Now we're about to have Cat Simulator.

Cat Simulator. It’s slated to be released on iOS and Android and soon the PC through Steam.

It looks like we’re moving on from Goat Simulator to another animal of which to simulate; That of the kitty cat. I know that there are already games out for iOS and Android that offer similar play to this, but the interesting part is that this developer wants to bring this to the PC as well. Perhaps this will become the new Goat Simulator?

A Kickstarter project has appeared on the good ol’ interwebs that could put us instead in the role of our favorite furry feline friends. This felis catus simulator could very well be one this years most interesting games, if it can keep the spirit of these other simulator games, namely Goat Simulator.

In this game the developer, Game Teams Studio out of Vancouver, Canada, promises at least two modes of play. They want to have a “pet mode” and a “hunter mode”. Pet mode is a simple simulator where you are a cat, in third person view, that interacts with an environment. Hunter mode is where you get to go on a rampage throughout that environment and hunt things. There will even be a point system where you gain points by hunting, of course, and by knocking things over, just like our real beloved creatures.

Despite the description and the relative silliness of the concept, similar to the other animal simulator, Cat Simulator actually seems really interesting. They have a pre-alpha demo video available and it actually looks pretty neat. You’re a cat, and you get to walk around. Its simple, but then so was Goat Simulator, and that game was a massive amount of fun.

If you examine it for what it is, it just might be a great game to get into. But then again, it may not. Regardless, it has 48 days to go and only $267 CAD have been donated. They’re looking for a total of $10,000 CAD to develop their Cat Simulator. To be honest, I’m probably going to check it out. But just don’t tell anyone.

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