Carrier AT&T Seemingly Confirms The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Its almost common news around that we can expect two flagship smartphones from Samsung this March at MWC. One of these will be the regular variant of the Galaxy S6, featuring upgrades from the maker. The second of these can be expected to be a curved screen variant of the phone, that follows in the design steps of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, released earlier by the company. We've received another hint of sorts about the device's existence, in the source code of carrier AT&T's website.

AT&T Site Lists Both Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge

As you can see above, when the source code for AT&T's website is analyzed, we find both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge listed there as keywords. For those of you unaware, keywords are terms used to find a specific post on the internet through Google's search engine algorithm. So its one of two cases here really. Either the carrier wishes for a traffic increase on its website, or the Galaxy S6 Edge has just been (unintentionally) confirmed by AT&T.

We'd sure hope its the latter as its going to be a tough day on the internet if mobile carriers start vying for search engine traffic as well (We're here to keep you updated after all) An Edge counterpart for the Galaxy S6 has been in the rumor and speculation mill for quite a time now, and right now, its pretty much confirmed that we'll get to lay our eyes on it at the MWC. After all, the Galaxy Note Edge also received favorable market reception and Samsung choosing to capitalize a similar strategy for its flagship smartphone would be the right decision. So stay tuned folks, for in just under a week we'll be telling you what changes the Korean manufacturer has made on its flagship devices for this year. Cheers.

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