Canadian Carrier Leaks Out Google Pixel in White and Black Color Variants


Just before the imminent announcement of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Canadian carrier Bell has managed to spill the beans on what the upcoming pure-Android running devices are going to look like and all of their details have been posted below.

Both the White and Black Models of Google Pixel Have Been Leaked in All Their Glory –Remaining Details Have Been Described Here

Looking at both the black and white color variants, I’d have to admit that the design looks very generic to the approach that HTC uses for its high-end phones. By all means, it is not the worst of phone designs that I have seen in a long time and it definitely beats the sort of gamble other devices decide to take with other handsets. However, it is very uninspiring, and the screen-to-body-ratio is going to be a smaller percentage than what we’re used to seeing.

However, this also means that we’ll get to see a bigger battery capacity on the Google Pixel, at least I am hoping it is larger than the 2,700mAh cell present inside Nexus 5X. A Snapdragon 820 is said to be present in Google Pixel, while a Snapdragon 821 is said to be present inside Pixel XL, which you can tell by the name is going to be the larger variant of the two. Snapdragon 821 is will provide no benefit in terms of efficiency when pitted against a Snapdragon 820 because they both have been manufactured on the same 14nm FinFET node.

However, it is possible that both devices will be running Android 7.1 ‘out of the box’, which could provide a small amount performance improvements and tweaks over the original Android Nougat update. There are no physical buttons present on the face of the smartphone, which is the constant design that has stuck for several years now. The official announcement of Google’s Pixel lineup and a boatload of other products is going to commence tomorrow, so we’ll have all the necessary updates for you then. For now, tell us what you thought about these ‘11th-hour leaks’. We’ll be waiting for your thoughts in the comments below.