You Can Now Save $250 on the Purchase of a Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8


If you’re looking to upgrade to a high-end Android phone for a discount, Best Buy has a deal for customers wanting to pick up a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or a Galaxy Note 8.

Best Buy Offers $250 Discount for Verizon Customers if They Purchase a Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8+ or a Galaxy S8

The online retailer lets you save $250 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, and Samsung Galaxy S8, as long as you're buying them with a monthly Verizon Device Payment. These $250 savings are not going to be instant, but you will be able to save them in the form of reduced monthly payments over 24 months.

Towards the end, the Galaxy Note 8 will cost you $686 instead of $936, the Galaxy S8+ will end up costing you $590 instead of $840, and the Galaxy S8 will cost you $506 instead of $756. Unlike other deals available at Verizon and Best Buy, this one does not require you to trade in your old phone, which is a plus should something happen to any of the three aforementioned devices.

There is also another deal that you can look into; you can save an additional $150 if you're a T-Mobile customer and you port your number to Verizon (to avail this offer, you will need a new phone and new line). More details on these offers are available at Best Buy's website, so you can check these out by clicking on the source links below.