Calisto 3.33Ghz Phenom II will arrive in Q3 2010.

Hassan Mujtaba

Most of you remember the Calisto core which is actually a Deneb Quad core with two of its cores disabled. The Calisto is a really good Dual core CPU and with a 7Mb of cache it looks great.

Phenom II X2 555 is currently the fastest Calisto Dual core which is clocked at 3.2Ghz and has a TDP of 80W while Q3 2010 will see the arrival of the new Calisto based Dual core "Phenom II X2 560" which is clocked at a 100Mhz faster 3.33 Ghz while the TDP will remain 80W.

The CPU comes with a 1Mb L2 Cache, 2x512KB per each core and a L3 Cache of 6Mb which is the same as the Deneb Quad core. The price of the CPU is said to be 100$ when its available in Q3 2010.


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