Should You Wait For iPhone 6s Or Buy iPhone 6 Right Now?

The iPhone 6s is due for launch in September, leaving potential customers in hot water whether or not they should wait for the iPhone 6s or buy the iPhone 6 right now.

iPhone 6s

Keeping all the previous leaks in mind, the iPhone 6s is going to be a evolutionary release rather than a revolutionary one like how the iPhone 6 was. Which begs the question: should you buy the iPhone 6 right now or hold back and wait for the iPhone 6s? The answer is a straightforward one in our opinion, but we'll walk you through what we can expect from the iPhone 6s and whether or not it's worth waiting for Cupertino's upcoming flagship bound for release later this year.

iPhone 6s Will Feature Same Design As iPhone 6

Like we mentioned above, the iPhone 6s is going to be an evolutionary upgrade rather than a revolutionary one, which means that on the design front, you'll be getting the current aesthetics out of the box come September time, so don't expect anything new upfront.

Force Touch Display

The iPhone 6s is set to feature a Force Touch display, if all the leaks and previous revelations are to be believed. Originally making its debut on the Apple Watch, it's very much clear that Force Touch tech is definitely here to stay, considering how it made the jump to the new 12-inch MacBook's trackpad, then subsequently onto the new 2015 Retina MacBook Pro notebook lineup.

With a Force Touch display, the iPhone 6s opens up possibilities to a lot of things. But for a lot of users, it may just prove to be a novelty feature. So if you really don't care about Force Touch and how it allows the user to invoke certain actions by 'force touching' on the display, then you might want to give iPhone 6s a pass.

It's also believed that with the addition of Force Touch, the iPhone 6s will be slightly thicker than the current iPhone 6, adding 0.2mm to the overall structure.

iPhone 6s Will Be Faster And More Powerful

The biggest thing about the iPhone 6s which will trump the iPhone 6 is in the speed and performance department. All set to get a brand new processor and coupled with 2GB of RAM (according to different sources), Cupertino's new flagship is going to be a powerhouse, ensuring that things keep on ticking nicely without any sort of stutter.

At this point in time, the iPhone 6 Plus, compared to the iPhone 6, is a slight under-performer. And that is mainly due to the fact that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has to push more pixels on the display with a processor that powers the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6. So if you're looking forward to speed, then you might want to invest some time and money on the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, rather than the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6s Will Start At 32GB For Base Model

A 16GB iPhone is not everyone's cup of tea, and if you want to make the leap towards the next step-up storage configuration, then you have to shell out $99 extra, which for some users is a big investment. But rumor has it that the iPhone 6s will start at 32GB instead of 16GB, giving users an ample amount of space to play around with for apps and games while spending a minimum amount of money. If this rumor does turn out to be true, then it's a no-brainer to hold back from buying an iPhone 6 currently.

iPhone 6s Will Feature Better Cameras

Leaks and rumors suggest that Apple will throw in a new 12-megapixel rear camera sensor into the iPhone 6s. And if you're a photography fan, then we suggest holding back from the iPhone 6. On the video recording front, it's being suggested that Cupertino's next flagship will be able to shoot 4K videos as well.

It's also being rumored that the iPhone 6s will feature an even better FaceTime camera which will perform even better in low light conditions.

September Is Almost Here

We're already sitting in July, and September is right on our noses, so it's wise to wait it out and see what Apple has in store before you make the purchase.

Should You Buy An iPhone 6 Right Now?

If you're asking us, then the straight up answer to that question is NO. You'll end up paying the same amount of money for iPhone 6 as you would for iPhone 6s, and the former has been sitting in the market for well over 9 months. So it's best to wait for the latest and greatest from Cupertino.

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