iMac Pro Ships with a Black Lightning Cable – Here Are Your Third-Party Options Which You Can Buy Right Now


The iMac Pro ships in glorious Space Gray. And to keep the overall theme consistent, Apple even throws in a black Lightning cable in the package. But you don't need to buy an iMac Pro get a black Lightning cable. No sir, you do not. Here are the best third-party Lightning cable options available in black.

Get a Third-Party Lightning Cable in Black to Go with Your Overall Setup. No Need to Buy an iMac Pro to Get One.

Lightning cables come in all shapes and sizes if you are opting for a third-party option. Of course, Apple sells a Lightning cable too, but it's in white and white only. But interestingly, Apple throws in a black cable with the iMac Pro for charging the keyboard and mouse. Unluckily, Apple doesn't sell the cable separately. But thanks to third-party options, you can get a black Lightning cable right away, that too MFi Certified. Here are all the options you can buy straight away.

Security Researcher Develops Normal-Looking Lightning Cable With a Chip That Can Steal Passwords

Those are all the best options available today. In case you were wondering what Apple's very own black Lightning cable looks like, then check out the screen grab from MKBHD's impressions video of the iMac Pro on YouTube.

We honestly wish Apple starts selling the black Lightning cable in its stores, or even color match it with the black iPhone or iPad out of the box. Though the cable does not offer any extra functionality, but it does help in the overall aesthetics. Especially if you have a dark theme going on in your workspace or home.