This Burger King in South Korea Really Knows How to Handle a Burning Galaxy Note 7 – Video


Call them prepared or not, but a Burger King in South Korea really knows its way around a burning Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Hasn't Specified What You Should Use to Pick up a Burning Note 7, but Burger King Is Going with Oven Gloves

A video has surfaced from South Korea, Samsung's home ground, that appears to show a Burger King employee handling a fizzing Galaxy Note 7 like she knows her way around it. Although Samsung has confirmed that the device in the video is indeed a Note 7, but the company hasn't confirmed, in any instance, what gloves you should wear to pick up the device if it's on fire. But Burger King knows what's up, and their tool of choice is no other than regular oven gloves, as can be seen in the video.

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself how this brave employee handles a burning Galaxy Note 7 inside a Burger King.

Whether Burger King was actually prepared for an incident such as this, or it was quick thinking by an employee, one has to applaud the effort being made here. Risking your own life to ensure someone else's safety deserves no less than a verbal praise.

Speaking of safety, Samsung has halted the production of the Galaxy Note 7 over safety concerns. It all started back in September when news started to surface that several Note 7 devices were exploding around the world. Initially thought to be isolated incidents, the number of devices burning up started to increase, forcing Samsung to recall the smartphone, offering free replacements in return. Call it bad luck or fate, even replacement devices started to combust during usage. The final blow left Samsung with no choice but to cease production altogether.

If you have a Galaxy Note 7, you have no choice but to power it down, get a refund or have it exchanged for something else. We highly recommend opting for a refund as there are a lot of other choices you can look into to fulfill your smartphone needs. The final call rests with you though.

Wrap Up

It's sad to see Samsung's Note 7 biting the dust in such a way. What was seemingly the company's highest rated phone doesn't deserve to see a fate like this. No company does, in fact. And we sincerely hope no one ends up in a situation like this, ever.

Stay safe people. Visit your retailer now for a refund or an exchange.