A Bunch of iOS Apps Have Gone Free This Weekend – Download them All From Here


If you are looking to download some paid iOS apps for free, then you've come to the right place as a handful of them have gone up for sale.

Kick Off Your Weekend with Paid iOS Apps Gone Free - Get Downloading Immediately

Make sure you have sufficient space on your iPhone and iPad before going ahead with the downloads. Also, please make sure that these offers are available in your region as well. If you see a price tag next to the download, then you already know what that means.

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Mole Hammers - Regular price $0.99

Whack the mole before your opponent does, swing your hammer with perfect timing and build up the combo multiplier!

Download Mole Hammers for iOS

Eggggg - Regular price $2.99

Eggggg is a ridiculous two-touch platform game about vomit. It's an action packed and crazy experience, and tailored for mobile devices. Gilbert has an extreme allergy to eggs. Eating them will literally make him vomit like a fountain. He escapes from his mean aunt Doris in order to get to a birthday party, and needs to use his vomiting superpower to survive a world of angry cyborg chickens... of course.

Download Eggggg for iOS

Brushstroke - Regular price $2.99

Brushstroke transforms your album photos and snaps into beautiful paintings in one touch. Edit, sign, and share your work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Want your artwork printed? We've teamed up with CanvasPop to provide the best quality canvas prints available. Pick a frame and size, and you’ll have your masterpiece delivered and hanging on your wall in no time.

Download Brushstroke for iOS

Scan-Ify - Regular price $2.99

Scan-Ify Document Scanner - is a simple application for fast scanning of short texts, documents or cheques without complicated settings and long-term training - just launch the app, take a photo and save as text or PDF.

Download Scan-Ify for iOS

Gangster Granny - Regular price $0.99

Follow Gangster Granny on her way out of the prison. Help her defeat anyone who dares to try and stop her from robbing the biggest bank in the city!

Download Gangster Granny for iOS

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Photo Guard - Regular price $0.99

Friends or family taking your iPhone?! If you’re anything like us, you don’t like nosy intruders peeking on the Camera Roll. So Photo Guard will help you make your personal life really personal.

Download Photo Guard for iOS

Safety Note+ - Regular price $1.99

You can now keep your most private notes away from unauthorized access. Introducing the Safety Note+. Use the most advanced security system to protect your notes. You can then create notes, to do lists, reminders, share, and manage your notes right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Download Safety Note+ for iOS

Office Story - Regular price $2.99

Try to turn a small garage start-up into a large company. Take strategic decisions, buy tables and table plants, hire and train people. Fulfill their wishes! Create mobile applications!

Download Office Story for iOS

True Skate - Regular price $1.99

The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game.

Download True Skate for iOS

Weirdwood Manor - Regular price $2.99

A mighty darkness is unleashed on the Library, a force that tests the limits of even Arthur’s great power. Oliver is lost amidst this raging storm of magic. Celia and Eugene have a plan to save him and the Library, but time is against them.

Download Weidwood Manor for iOS