Best of 2016: Build the Next Online Smash with “Multiplayer Games with Unity” Bundle

Rafia Shaikh
Multiplayer Games

Ready to start the new year with some new skills? What more fun than learning to build multiplayer games. From character building to learning the physics and techniques of instituting great combat logic into your games, you can now start learning everything that it takes to build amazing multiplayer games with our "Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle."

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Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle

  1. Building 3D Voxel Art Environment Worlds with Unity 5: Design & Build a Voxel Style Multiplayer Environment from Scratch
  2. Unity 2016: Character Gear and Weapon Use: Infuse Your Games with Exciting Characters, Weapons, Items & More!
  3. Unity 5: Multiplayer In-Game Mail Messaging: Create an In-Game Mail System in Unity, PHP & MySQL
  4. Unity-5: Build a Chat System for Online Multiplayer Games: Incorporate Smack Talk to Your Games by Designing In-Game Chat Systems
  5. Unity5: Interact with the Database Like a Pro with PHP & MySQL: Track User Data More Effectively by Building an Authentication System
  6. Unity 5: Host Your Game Server Online like a Pro: The Best Multiplayer Games Are Played Online, So Time to Learn How to Host Yours
  7. Unity 5: Pro Multiplayer Combat Using Melee & Ranged Weapons: Institute a Flawless Combat System to Get Players Hooked
  8. RPG Character Stats and Item Attributes System: Incentivize Players to Play More by Adding Upgrades & New Abilities
  9. Unity 5: Inventory System for Professional Games: Encourage Users to Adventure Further by Developing a Fun Inventory System in Your Games
  10. Modular Assets 3D Graphic Pack: Build Levels in the Minecraft Style with This Graphic Pack

Original value: $824 | Wccftech Deals: $39 at 95% discount

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