Charger Not Bundled With iPhone 13 Has Caught Attention of Brazilian Consumer Protection Agency; Investigation Underway

Charger Not Bundled With iPhone 13 Has Caught Attention of Brazilian Consumer Protection Agency; Investigation Underway

Apple stopped bundling a charger with the iPhone 12 last year, and that caught the attention of Brazilian consumer protection agency Procon-SP. The authority later made it a requirement for the technology giant to provide a charger with each iPhone 12 sold. However, that did not stop the company from releasing the iPhone 13 series in the region without the charging accessory. This move has caught the attention of the agency again, and an investigation is underway.

Consumer Protection Agency Will Also Notify Samsung for Selling Its Latest Foldable Smartphones Without a Charger in the Box

In addition to Apple, Samsung too caught the attention of Procon-SP. The regulator earlier fined Apple $2 million for selling a device without a charger. The iPhone maker was questioned over this decision, and the Brazilian agency was not convinced that Apple did it to conserve the environment. Procon-SP executive director Fernando Capez stated in an interview that it is illegal for Apple to sell the phone and charger separately.

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According to Capez, this decision from Apple forces the consumer to purchase two products instead of one, and since phones need to use chargers to keep their batteries charged, the consumer will be forced to spend more. While we are on the subject of misleading customers, Apple’s website clearly states that no charger is provided in the iPhone 13 box, but apparently, this is not sufficient to convince the regulator. The Brazilian FTC also believes that companies like Apple should inform customers if something has changed about the packaging, which in this case is the lack of a charger.

The executive director also says that he is studying class action, most likely to take Apple to court and to educate the customer who believes that Apple should provide a charger for free with every iPhone. This stance is admirable, but we do not think Apple will be forced to make the appropriate changes to its iPhone’s packaging just to sell some units in one region.

The only accessory included in the iPhone 13 box is a USB-C to Lightning cable, and if you noticed, Apple no longer sells earphones either.

News Source: TechTudo

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