Boost Your Experience With GBBM Mod For Blackberry Messenger on Android

Ali Salman

If we glance upon Blackberry's history, it had almost conquered the smartphone market in its glory days and everyone took Blackberry as a status icon. Many of  Blackberry users had bought the smartphone because of the over whelming hardware keyboard which was undoubtedly the best in the market at the time. Apart from this the other amazing reason for the gigantic success of Blackberry was it personal BBM Messenger.

BBM was way superior and faster than any other service present back then, hence it made Blackberry a must have. Moving on as time passed by, Android devices and iPhones came with a whole lot of new features which made Blackberry pull back on its streak. However, BBM was still the most wanted app that the users demanded and along the years Blackberry launched the Android and iOS app on their host app stores.

gbbmEnhance your Experience on BBM by Installing GBBM MOD on Android

Taking into account the fan following of BBM Messenger among the Android users, XDA’s @atnfas_hoak jerked the app to launch a few more features to the already present app in order to enhance the user experience. BBM V2. now has a built in GBBM V1.15 which is the recently updated version placed on the Google Play Store. How has the GBBM enhanced user experience on BBM, you wonder? Well, it lets you restore and backup chats which is advantageous over the stock BBM application. The most pleasing feature the MOD adds is that it hides the ‘’R’’ symbol, which is read, from the chats making it a life guard for many users.

gbbm-screen1This was just the start, the GBBM MOD enables you to completely change the background appearance to different colors of various fragments of the layout. All of these features are provided in the appearance settings under the GBBM settings. With these cosmetics provided in the BBM settings you can completely dress the app to your need and desire.


GBBM MOD has a complete new feel now  but still if you want some more features to boost your moral then here it goes

  • Restore and Backup chats
  • You can hide the ‘’read’’ status
  • Bubble shape of conversations can be changed
  • Background customization
  • Modify colors of Notice Icons
  • Copy nicknames, status and change icons

GBBM MOD is the upgraded version BBM app, hence no recovery or root permissions are required to install this app. You can just go to you Google Play Store and download it directly. However, you do need to allow your android device to install apps from unknown sources. To do this, you need to go to your security settings and enable unknown sources. If you have any query regarding this you can let us know in the comments section plus do share if you found this post helpful.

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